About Us

Who We Are

Noir Noir was founded with the aim to provide flattering, high quality pieces for women globally. Their collections embrace the practice of modest dressing, whilst appealing to stylish women everywhere. This trailblazing fashion house offers a classic, chic and boutique wardrobe, quickly establishing themselves as one of the most exciting brands within the affordable luxury fashion market.

Hey there! my name is Yitty,

perfectionist and coffee-drinker. Gotta love a Cappuccino.! Fashion is an expression, a voice and an art. Just about everything gives me inspiration for new designs. The whole world is bursting with ideas. Browsing and shopping inspire me and opens my mind. I also draw, bake and listen to music.

I love to create - it’s my greatest thrill. My wild imagination works in pictures, and being able to act on the images in my mind and bring them to life is so accomplishing. I enjoy watching a piece of clothing from its beginnings on a sketch pad all the way to seeing it on the models for the photoshoot.

I’m one of nine. I have four brothers and four sisters and I love them all. We’re super close and proud of one another. We grew up together in Manchester, UK. (Six years ago I moved to Jerusalem, and now married and settled here too.) My parents give me and my siblings much to aspire to. They push us to develop our talents. They taught us to take nothing for granted, to be grateful for everything. I appreciate classic fashion first and foremost, but I like to change it up and reinvent it in new ways with a trendy twist. I hate to repeat the same outfit twice, so I always change it up somehow.

My greatest strength (and weakness, shh…) is perfectionism. I’m not satisfied until a job is done to the max of my potential. Just ask Chani…

- Yitty Levenson

Hi, I’m Chani,

a proud shopaholic, mom of the cutest little boy, and outgoing people-person.

There is nothing like designing a collection and breathing life into it. You get to create a story. Seeing the fabrics and different textures and coming up with ideas together with Yitty get my adrenaline rushing.

I love how fashion is a worldwide language and gives you a chance to reinvent yourself, express yourself, and stand out from the crowd. Fashion gives you confidence. It empowers a woman and makes her feel beautiful when it’s on her body.

Women around the world keep me inspired and creative, especially when I see people on the street that are dressed amazingly. My mother, too, has an incredible sense of fashion.

My favorite fashion styles are feminine, contemporary and eclectic. (Can you tell I like standing out?) I just love the thrill of shopping for new clothes and updating wardrobes. My friends count on me for my fashion tips and help putting together the *perfect* outfit.

My family is very loud and opinionated and there’s always drama. I’m a triplet (oldest of two boys). I’m extremely close with my mother, and my father is super supportive. I have twin sisters that are 10 years younger than me and I am really close with them. And I have a son who is my life and my world and I am beyond obsessed with him.

I moved from London to Israel when I got married and lived there for six years. Unfortunately, it made the most sense due to my husband’s business for us to move back to London. I really miss living in Jerusalem (and being able to get together with Yitty).

- Chani Horowitz Dreyfuss